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At Boffins IT Solutions, we understand that IT solutions not only need to fulfil business requirements, it needs to drive business.

We provide IT solutions from large enterprise to small start-ups organization for their custom business needs. Since each business need is unique hence we work very closely with you, suggest and provide solution meeting your business requirement. We also help our client to migrate existing application to new technologies and platforms.

We're a startup IT Company, founded in 2017 that just start growing just like yours. If we can do it for our own business, we can do it for yours, too.

Our team comes from mainly software development backgrounds with years of experience in different industries and different companies. Our team is comprised of experienced web and desktop application developers, enriched Html5 web designers, Technical consultants and trainers and mobile app developers, who always ensure that targets are met on a day to day basis.

By combining our team's best practices and ethical standards with a business team's objective, we deliver results.




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